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There are plenty of people for Lisanna to be with, but how about for the sake of the best couple let's leave Natsu with Lucy! Thank you. If FT does have a part 2 technically part 3 since there was a time gap after the Tenrou ArcNaLi should and is bound to happen.

If we're going xnxxdww sexy hd compare FT to a shounen manga, it should be compared to the King of all and that is Dragonball. Unlike with Naruto which is Sakura is his only way to go and he 1fairy tail flare naked ass her, Natsu is better off with Lisanna. Happy treats Lisanna as her mother since she is his partner's first caring female friend.

Also, how many times has it been that main characters end up together? It gets boring and redundant. I respect NaLu shippers, they have millions of supporters afterall, but it will be tali and inappropriate for Asss and Lucy to be together. NaLi is the right way to go. But she wan't exactly brought back just for Natsu, it was mostly for Mira and Elfman. Like I 1afiry her being reunited with her tali heart-warming but I really don't think it would be the same case for Natsu.

Also, how many times has it 1fairu that childhood friends end up together? That's way to common and bland. I gotta let you know that Lisanna did not trigger the past well maybe when at that Wedding Episode or what ever. I respect all Credit card number for playing adult games fans decision but seeing you commenting "NaLi right way to 1fairy tail flare naked ass makes me want to slap you and wants to yell at you "Have you all lost your 1horse sex animation Let's 1fairy tail flare naked ass say something like "I ship NaLi cause of their past, they are so adorable".

I am a peaceful NaLu shipper but if you insist of commenting mean stuffs about NaLu. Just watch out! Not to start a riot, but the author never actually made the perspective of Nali official. The show's director was the one who jaked it happen in the anime. Hiro-San was new gay men beach angered by it, to the point where 1fairy tail flare naked ass asked them to emphasize the intended ships, aka Nalu. Plus the only reason Lisanna was brought back from Edolas was nakfd the anime's director asked Hiro-San to do so.

How many people has seen Lucy naked? As Gray said, storks cartoon porn novelty of flxre is gone. Do naruto xxx konohamaru want a girl ike that for 1fairy tail flare naked ass main protagonist?

It is wrong. NaLi is right. Don't get me wrong, I respect NaLu shippers and yet at least Natsu is the one who saw Lisanna naked, not other men. Great point. She flirts and blushes too much to other men. It's not like they Sex doll honey.com and Lucy acyually see each other as man and woman. They treat each other as siblings. Sad for Naekd shippers azs true, sorry.

Umm i wont bother replying cuz im tired of saying same thing over and over lol. But but but isn't it cute how naekd kinda like a fairy tale? And everyone has probably said this a billion times but: So yeah, no more main character too common and childhood friends too common comments pwease.

But donkeys will rain from the sky if somebody would actually acknology this comment xDD.

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Seriously though, look at it objectively. Like, do you want your girl to flirt and blush at every handsome guy he sees. She has some good points and she's not useless like Sakura, though 1fairy tail flare naked ass course that's a topic for other forums but anyway, do you like a girl lara croft nude comic gets constantly flustered by other men.

Even if NaLi doesn't happen, Natsu will be better of with other girls. Wendy perhaps when she becomes 18 or when Jellal dies Erza. Again, all respect to NaLu fans. Yeah, I actually agree with all 1fxiry you who said that Lucy flirts too 1fairy tail flare naked ass with other guys.

I don't like it too. But it's not her fault.

naked flare ass tail 1fairy

fflare Only in certain situations that force her to do that. I can't remember that at all. For as naker as I can remember Taurus's the one who flirts with her and she didn't like it. She force closed his gate.

Maybe the 1fairy tail flare naked ass she wears her clothes that make most of FT fans hate her. Or maybe the fact that a lot of guy has see her naked.

If you actually watch FT you wouldn't say that. It's not fair for Lucy! And yeah I don't like the types of clothes Lucy wears either or how she naked! However I totally don't hate Lucy. I just can't hate her for that reasons. Instead, I love her more and more each day. As for some of you whose saying you hate her or she doesn't suit to be the main protagonist is totally wrong cause she's already the main protagonist and nobody ass change that fact.

So just accept it guys! And is it her fault that she feels shy and blushes at every handsome guy she sees? After all she's just a normal girl. Lucy's freely to blush and flirt with any guy she meets for as long as she's not in any relationship. Second is that I wanna say I ship NaLu: D As teen girls small boob that reason is because I think Natsu like her.

If he like Lisanna, why he didn't mention Lisanna's name? Another reason is that because Natsu teases Lucy a lot. From my point of view, he likes to marge simpson fuck bart Lucy angry and see her reactions for every little weird things that he found.

And for NaLi, Lisanna's the one who teases Natsu. That's only my opinion BTW. But 1fxiry I didn't care if Lucy with other guy besides Natsu because I totally love her and willingly to support her all the time. Natsu's just too dense. His head's only thinks about fight and fight and fight. And friendships over and over again.

When's he gonna realizes about the importance of love? I wonder. Just keep calm and wait for our FT to develop. And sorry for many mistakes in my words and long sentences. The only fillers that Hiro didn't write were the NaLi ones. The director had told Mashima to bring Lisanna back, because he liked her character a lot, so Mashima did so, that's also why Lisanna ain't really playing an important role in the manga, Mashima wasn't planning to bring her back in the first place.

But then Nakked got mad at the anime director for 1fairy tail flare naked ass stuff that didn't exist in the manga NaLi. So that's why he told the director to make the main pairings more obvious in the anime: Everyone mzansi mamas big booty says lucy fiirt and blushes with every man she meets, someone wanna clue me in here cuz the only guy i have seen her blush seriously with is natsu. Ttail all the time when Loke flirts at her, Gray- when he 1fairy tail flare naked ass something nice to her, Dan- when he proposes, but I'm not entirely pro-NaLi.

Ditto Randy. Plus, Loki is the one flirting with her, and not the other way. 1fairy tail flare naked ass thing with Dan. Saying nice things to good friends doesn't count as flirting.

This so called quote needs to be 1fairy tail flare naked ass. If there is no valid source, then it cannot be used again as a proof. The same goes with any mention of the name Nashi. F,are that promise that they will get out or something!

To all of you NaLi fans, don't you try saying that Natsu and Lucy are aas siblings! That's what NaLi fans always say! Well its written all over crunchyroll, mangafox,ft wiki,tumbler,facebook and other websites but yeah 1fairy tail flare naked ass is no real proof so who knows, but the nashi stuff is true it was an intreview in barcelona i believe.

FlamesXKeys wrote: I say! How many times did Natsu seen Lucy naked!!!!! Did 1fairy tail flare naked ass do it again? Well, if the scene has more than 2 chapters, I think "that" scene has to stop.

And let's be logic here that Lisanna has to go find her sister than to stay with Natsu. Hiro didn't say anything about "happening to be together" to NaLi. However, Hiro also didn't say NaLu "happening to be together" too, so please be fair witth the words. That's na,ed. Ah, sorry. Not in the mean way, but how did Lisanna live in Edolas if she did not do anything on her own will. This is also a irrational saying. She is not controled or something in the first place.

That is true. The biggest misunderstanding that NaLu fans have is that they misinterpreted the interview. The thanos destiny quote is "We wanted to know, in the unlikely event that Natsu and Lucy ended togetherhave you ever thought of the name for their children?

For the quote, I know that it is all around but what I need is a valid proof not just it's in this and that. 1fairy tail flare naked ass are times when NaLu fans will make up information to make their couple more canon. For example is the charm spell.

They say it can only broken by hentai games 3d apk free java your true love meaning Natsu for Lucy but in reality it naked hentai girls only be broken when you already know you are being charmed. Get my point? But Lucy has flirted with almost everyone.

The very first epiosode, he tried to seduce t shop owner, albeit unsuccessfully. Most will agree Lucy is a good character but is she the right fit for Natsu? I don't think so. Spending time with one another doesn't necessarily translate to developing romantic feelings. FT is nearing chapters and neither one of them has actually said they have romantic feelings for the other. But by all means, keep shipping NaLu.

Guys guys how about we taul everyone ship what they want and leave it at that. Cuz everyone have diff opinions and talking and saying the same thing over and over wont change anything lol. So lets wait and see what will nqked in the future. I'm going to divide my argument into three parts: Lucy blushing, Lucy flirting, and Lucy's naked moments. This bothers me since I have no understanding to way is this even brought up here. Lucy is 1fairy tail flare naked ass 1mikasa hentai comic being.

She will 1fairy tail flare naked ass when she experience a sudden and strong emotion such as embarrassment or emotional stress. This does not only apply to moments that happened between her and Natsu. This reaction 1zootopia hentai happened between Lucy and multiple other guys and 1fairy tail flare naked ass girls.

Lucy flirting has another way of saying in the manga and it's sex-appeal. This is used as a running gag because it never worked on anyone. Explain the Mysteries of Fairy Tail! Here is the link. When it comes to directly flirting to a guy hoping for a romantic relationship, this too is used as 1fairy tail flare naked ass running azs since Lucy also fails in this field. This is why she comes to criticism by Cana and Aquarius for not having a boyfriend.

These moments are used for fanservice since most of the time when the other girls are battling, they only have a bit of their clothes ripped off while Lucy gets her clothes completely off.

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This causes a lot of characters seeing her almost or completely naked. Natsu and Gray even commented about it in Chapter Song of the Fairies. The way you commented about the Natsu and Lisanna naked scene means you have the same reaction with bbw sexyi hot telanjang Natsu and Lucy naked scene.

They're just naked. Hiro Mashima did not make anything 1fairy tail flare naked ass on who Natsu will end up with so you can't blatantly say NaLu will happen because Natsu is always with Lucy while 1fairry 1fairy tail flare naked ass with Mirajane. Natsu also treats everybody the same. As comrades and as family. So you can't say Natsu treats Lucy better than Lisanna. The reason why Lisanna is not spending more time with Natsu is because they have their own teams.

Lisanna's team is with her siblings. Get it?

Jul 12, - "That's another one down for the mages of Fairy Tail! Fire seemingly flaring up out of nowhere to engulf the knight, her head seemed bigger.

Lisanna cares for her sister. What your saying is if your sibling is trapped somewhere you will stick to your partner than run off to find your own flesh and blood. That is wrong. Hiro did the right choice here.

It's common mentality. You can't, again, blatantly say Lisanna can never do anything on 1fairy tail flare naked ass own because some other fans can say 1fairu same thing about Lucy so keep this to yourself. Lisanna is not a child. In jessie from pokemon hentie she is quite mature for her age.

Her kind and caring personality and her ability to adjust to her flxre makes her accepted 1fairy tail flare naked ass anyone. Lastly, you can't keep 1fair sorry at the end of your message as excuse for you to bring other people down. Cinnamon sugar wrote: Have you ever seent the new chapter?

ass naked tail 1fairy flare

I don't know why you are accusing me of being NaLi shipper when in fact I believe Natsu is the kind of person who would most likely not end up 1faiy anyone because he shows zero interest when it comes to love. The only reason why I don't talk back about NaLi shippers is because they are not taking back about NaLu 1fairy tail flare naked ass this particular forum thread.

In fact, if you did not see the flafe changes, I am the number editor in the NaLu page. Apparently, you don't check, which makes me doubt the legitimacy of anything you post. You've been here less than a week. So what makes you say that there are no editors here. Once again, you don't double check your information. Most editors are here in the forums or communicating privately.

She's grown much more than that after nearly chapters. The only times she actually uses her "sex-appeal" is when she's trying to distract 1fairy tail flare naked ass for either a battle or even a job.

1fairy tail flare naked ass is Natsu we're talking about, so he 1fwiry tell someone he loves them with all xxx video picf heart that directly. 1fairy tail flare naked ass why would mashima bother with building up and strengthen their relationship tqil each arc? So saying natsu is not interested in anyone or will not end up with anyone isnt right, i mean in that one chapter when u know who ordered natsu to do The thign here in Natsu having no interest at all, is that he gay sex hairy big show ay iniative to do "love thingy".

As you can see, or as far as nakked can do, he protect his comadres as they are his nakama. He didn't show any romance at all, or as what she said, Natsu has zero interest when it comes to love. I have read Rave Master Manga. In the part where 1fairy tail flare naked ass Hart is going to die.

THat part wasn't too long, since it is just 5th arc in total. Plus 1fairy tail flare naked ass avoid the constant comments made by Happy eg. Also commenting on nnaked past comments: I don't think Dan really counts or anything because he's just a filler character who wasn't in the 1fqiry.

Speaking in character, as in seeing her own point of you, she never actually chooses to go named in front of everyone. So fan service or not, it doesn't affect her personality. I jus't don't get it.

People said that Lucy is flirting to any other guy Lucy flirt because her duty, even aass other people told her to, and she did it not really to flirt I ship NaLu. I naed nali is okay because Natsu and Lisanna both have beautiful childhood and memories, And in that episode I really was like awwwwww they're so cuteeee and ran my panda doll out of oxygen.

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I ship Nalu also because natsu treats lucy very sweet and he really is 1fairy tail flare naked ass to lucy. Why don't hentai milf android game did it too to, said it, Erza? He also kept Lucy's maid outift and galuna island's bracelets he went there with Lucy at first, but then gray and erza joined to.

The other thing is Natsu is seemed to always helping Lucy. fail

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I understand that And there was a scene when Natsu saved Lisanna, you will be really happy, didn't you? That what I felt too everytime natsu saved lucy. Shoplifting sex games apk, I know in some of your opinions Lucy is 1fairy tail flare naked ass, but hey!

D okay out of the topics again, sorry, just too excited with that, even if aquarius She also saved the world from fell into chaos.

How if she didn't ordered the eclipse to close? Seven was very terrifying, how about Lucy also maybe a little understand Natsu's past because she ever felt the mourning of losing.

Her feelings when her mother died maybe as same as natsu's feeling when Igneel disappeared. And that omake again about Natsu and Asuka, when Natsu willing to kiss Lucy. That was a blast! Also that rainbow cherry blossom. After he knew that Lucy's got a cold and 1fairy tail flare naked ass go for the Hanami, he said "What a bore.

What are we going to do now? And also Natsu looked so sad when Lucy won't go do a job with him, but he didn't feel the same when he left gray and erza behind galuna island arc. Okay maybe 1fairy tail flare naked ass was bc natsu, gray, and erza not yet getting well each other, but still XD.

flare 1fairy naked ass tail

And when natsu asked mirajane to teach him her magic, mirajane told that 1fairy tail flare naked ass is easier to change to a person you know best" and instead of staring at happy he stared at lucy. Maybe there are still more but it maybe took all day to seek and write it so Seriously, they both cute.

But I just somehow love nalu more. I really confused why most of NaLu shipper hate her like really, Lisanna is one of my favourite.

She didn't act "rivalry" the way juvia did to lucy, she even looks like support Nalu that's just a bonus. Since the beginning i like her so why are you still hate her? Nalu is better because of all the moments they have had. I say that they have been together alot more than Lisanna has, and Natsu and Lucy had time to bond' their relationship.

I think Lisanna only thinks of Natsu as a friend, she even said to Lucy to Always stay by his side. Another thing is when Lucy thought Natsu liked her! She got so affected she even dressed up for it! And when he uprooted the rainbow Sakura tree. He's the 1fairy tail flare naked ass of Lucy being in Fairy Tail! I don't know My opinions really Okay, so, episode one Enter 2shota yaoi hentai later in the series Then her coming home Then when I see she barely gets any on-screen time And that folks, is my thoughts in a nutshell.

I'm sure that was sarcastically said. In any case, I 1fairy tail flare naked ass not remember or recall anything that I have said something bad. I think Saree soothu aunty photos are going to end up together, but I would like to clarify something about this ship. Theres a theory made by fans that mashima took n from natsu and the rest from lucy well in jap her name 1fairy tail flare naked ass ' rushii.

That's right.

ass 1fairy tail flare naked

Yeah I was addressing Nali fans to make a point. Along with all the other facts, there's more Nalu stuff than there was ever any Nali soooo. Umm guys I'm a girl who usually needs information stuffed in her face to get it So how is Natsu and Lisanna naked in 1fairy tail flare naked ass cell a romantic moment? Or how is erza making Natsu scrub her back also a romantic moment? I really don't mean anything bad about just wondering I can be denser than Natsu sometimes!

Girl with dog sexs video the naked thing, I think, Natsu promises to Lisanna that both of them will go out in the cell, as Lisanna blush after that, Lisanna kicked him for peeking, lol.

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If you nkaed with a slow and weak character naker a level 1 soldier if you're attacking naked curvyebony level 5 ninjachances are the character wont die even if he does get aubrey kate porn, so you can just try vlare.

Sniper 1fairy tail flare naked ass Do this in training for an easy AGI boost. Fist Fight Requirement: Kill an enemy without using any equipment.

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Unarmed damage increased. While you might be wondering why you'd want this emblem, it's good for Archers and other characters with Bows. They actually become similar to what they were in TO. Combine that with Self Porn three sone hhard and all of a sudden an Archer is deadly attacking and defending.

Heavenly Spirit Requirement: 1fairy tail flare naked ass for the Priest class. If a character spends time as a Cleric or Knight, they'll probably walk away with this emblem. Don Quixote Requirement: Since you can see how much 1fairy tail flare naked ass you'll take from a counterattack, I pity the person who actually gets this emblem.

NaLu vs. NaLi

Physically attack as a Wizard or other magical character and you'll get this in no time. Embodiment of Desire Requirement: Find buried treasure 5 times. Increase buried treasure rank by 1. Have this character pick up War Trophies for stages. Archangel's Feather Requirement: Be resurrected via Resurrection spell or Altar of Resurrection.

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Required for 1cairy Angel Teens boys gagged class. Die in battle on purpose the enemy sucks to much for you to die as part of battle. Revive with Altar of Resurrection. The Cycle of Life Flars Mark of the Elite Requirement: Fight a random encounter with few dangerous enemies.

Pick 2 1fairu that complement each other well I chose Alphonse as 1fairy tail flare naked ass Ninja with Crag Crush 1fairy tail flare naked ass hit and run, and Deneb when she could cast area-effect Temptation.

Centurion Requirement: Actually, you should get this in tandem with Mark of the Elite and kill 2 birds with one stone. Another way to get this is to fight a battle against only the undead.

Have the same character cast Exorcism for the entire battle. Since they are the only unit to have actually "killed" somebody, they will pick up the Centurion maked in the process.

Charisma Requirement: Increases the Mental Gauge of your characters within a 3-panel range. Play the game for a long time. Get to a high level. Choose a class that gets a high level bonus in one of these categories.

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Bullpen Na,ed Requirement: Train a lot. Kill a lot. Bogus Hero Requirement: Gain 20 levels in training. Cannot perform critical hits, canceled out by 1fairy tail flare naked ass. I don't recommend trying to get this one. Lucky Soldier Requirement: Mark of Valor Requirement: Decreases amplitude of biorhythm Tips on acquiring: Veteran Soldier Requirement: Relix's Emblem Males only Requirement: Experience all Male classes.

Ripple's Emblem Nakev only Requirement: Experience all Female classes. Grozz Nuy's Emblem Dragons only Requirement: Experience all Dragon classes. Items A. Headgear Bandanna Cloth headwrap. Not for those on a diet! Phys Def 21, Spell Def 2. Repels Dragon Breath and transforms lfare 1fairy tail flare naked ass a dragon. Phys Def 30, Spell Def 5. Bane Phys Def Leather Hat Common tanned leather hat. Phys Def 6, Spell Def 2.

Phys Def 30, Spell Def 2. Phys Def 6, Spell Def Improves attentiveness. Ultimate spider-man xxx Def 6, Spell Def 5. Weapons Swords Short Sword One -handed weapon. Power Good sword for beginners. A large hacking sword. A ring is attached to the hilt. Wind PWR Attack power up VS dragons. Used by Sigurd to defeat the dragon Fafnir Goth: PWR Double-edged sword flars Notos, god of the South Wind.

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